Impacting the Community

The  Madison County Community Foundation has been providing funding to our community since 1992. The funds originate from donor advised funds, agency endowments, scholarships and other types of restricted funds. In addition, grants to community organizations are also supported through competitive grants awarded from unrestricted funds in the Foundation.

We create our primary impact through our grantmaking. MCCF currently manages over 200 charitable funds created by individuals, families, businesses and organizations for charitable purposes. Income from these funds annually provides grants to organizations and projects and programs to improve the quality of life within our community. MCCF provides meaningful, long-term and permanent ways for people to give back to their community and to causes and organizations that matter to them.

Community Impact Grants

Approximately 25% of MCCF’s total grantmaking is unrestricted—designed for the general benefit of the community and determined by the Board of Directors. Through unrestricted grantmaking, MCCF supports projects and programs of non-profit agencies located in or serving residents of Madison County.

Community Impact Grants:  . Grants are made to support projects and programs of non-profit agencies located in or serving residents of Madison County. Grants are typically made for one year, at a maximum of $5,000. Proposals are reviewed by a diverse committee made up of community volunteers and Board Members, which makes funding recommendations to the Foundation Board of Directors. Upon approval by the Board of Directors, funds are awarded.

The Madison County Community Foundation is generally interested in funding the following:  

  • Efforts that address the root causes of clearly defined needs within Madison County such as eliminating the cycle of poverty.
  • Efforts with specific goals, objectives and indicators with which to measure effectiveness.
  • Efforts that foster a collaborative spirit, partnerships and innovation among various organizations, agencies and individuals serving Madison County.
  • Efforts that benefit or serve a large number or percentage of Madison County residents.
2023 Grant Recipients

Quarter 3: Operating grant recipients

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Quarter 2: Programming grant recipients

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Grant Cycle Dates:

2042 Grant Cycle information has not been announced. Please sign up for our newsletter (at the bottom of this page) to stay informed on our grant information.


 2023 Sponorships

New process for requesting sponsorships

Please contact Ben Davis PRIOR to submitting your sponsorship application.

• Limited capacity for 2023.

• If the event supports one of your programs, please apply for a grant to fund the program instead of an event sponsorship.

• Consideration given to whether MCCF has sponsored in the past.

• We hope to help non-profit partners become less dependent on event fundraising and find other sustainable ways to generate resources.

• Apply as far in advance as possible.

Sponsorship Application