Women in Philanthropy

Women in Philanthropy was started in 2005 to strengthen the philanthropic voice of women in Madison County. By encouraging the use of time, talents, and treasures, Women in Philanthropy is building a strong collaboration of women who are active in making their communities better and brighter.

Currently the Women in Philanthropy are actively growing an endowment that will be used to support the needs and interests of women throughout Madison County. With the initial goal of $100,000 , they have just eclipsed $90,000. Through the Women in Philanthropy's "Century Club" and Annual Luncheon, the goal is rapidly approaching and we encourage you to be a part of this tremendous undertaking and actively engage with this great cause.

If you feel inspired to join the effort to build this important endowment, and support future grant making efforts, you can give online by clicking "GIVE" in the menu bar, and selecting "Women In Philanthropy" for your donation. If you prefer to give by mail, please send a check to the Madison County Community Foundation Office with "Women in Philanthropy" in the memo line. 

Women In Philanthropy Brochure


Women In Philanthropy Committee

The Women in Philanthropy are guided by a wonderful team that gives of their time, talents, and treasures to put together a wonderful fall luncheon each year, which has become a can't miss event in the month of November.

In addition, they are active in promoting, and sharing the value of the Women in Philanthropy's mission as well as planning for its continued growth and impact in our community.

Thank you to this year's committee for their service and dedication!

  • Jessica Fenwick, Chairperson
  • Julie Likens, Chairperson
  • Sally DeVoe, Executive Director
  • Nancy Anderson
  • Terri Austin
  • Matilda Barber
  • Anita Canaday
  • Annette Craycraft
  • Danielle Guion
  • Pam H. Jones
  • Jeanne Lee
  • Libby Manning
  • Anne Pancol
  • Nancy Ricker
  • Shelley Ricker
  • Barbara Ann Riggs
  • LaKoya Rochell
  • Bobbette Snyder
2017 Century Club

As part of Women in Philanthropy's goal to build a sustainable endowment to support the needs of women in Madison County, the Century Club was formed to recognize individuals who make an annual gift of at least $100 to the Women's Fund at the Madison County Community Foundation. This endowment, with the initial goal of $100,000, has raised more than $90,000 in just three years!

If you are interested in joining the Century Club, you can make a gift online, by clicking 'Give Now' at the top right hand side of this page and selecting "Women in Philanthropy" or by mailing a check to the Foundation with 'Women in Philanthropy: Century Club" in the memo line. 

Thank you to all of our 2017 Century Club members for your faithful support of the Women's Fund.

  • Nancy Anderson
  • Marilyn Ault
  • Matilda Barber
  • Susan Barber
  • Linda Barton
  • Deanne Beard
  • Janice Bryan
  • Carolyn Caldwell
  • Ida Campbell
  • Anita Canaday
  • Betty Church
  • Susan Cox
  • Fay Dansby
  • Sara Davis
  • Sally DeVoe
  • Sharon Dotson
  • Beth Erskine
  • Bettty Erskine
  • Mary Lee Ewald
  • Jessica Fenwick
  • Susan Finger
  • Maryann Gardner
  • Cathy Goins
  • Dana Graham
  • Nancy Graham
  • Danielle Guion
  • Ann Hardacre
  • Julie Hettinga
  • Jennifer Hill
  • Mary Jamerson
  • Pam H. Jones
  • Jan Kaye
  • Marisa Kelly-Rigney
  • Beverly Kilmer
  • Sarah Kimball
  • Chara Lavelle
  • Jeanne Lee
  • Darlene Likens
  • Julie Likens
  • Nancy Likens
  • Bekah Snyder Logan
  • Jane Loose
  • Linda Loose
  • Donna Madinger
  • Lindsey Madinger
  • Libby Manning
  • Sandy McCurdy
  • Sharon McNabney
  • Jenn Medler
  • Holly Miller
  • Darlene Miller
  • Stephanie Moran
  • Helen Nicholson
  • Connie Owens
  • Anne Pancol
  • Joanne Ray
  • Selita Reichart
  • Nancy Ricker
  • Shelley Ricker
  • Barbara Ann Riggs
  • Merrellen Robinson
  • Lynn Rowley
  • Jennifer Sargent
  • JB Shelton
  • Marissa Skaggs
  • Cindy Simon Skjodt
  • Bobbette Snyder
  • Maggie Stephenson
  • Joyce Stewart
  • Beth Tharp
  • Merrillyn Vance
  • Heather Vargas
  • Lynn Warner
  • Taylor Wilkinson
  • Laine Wolfe