We FUND the Most Pressing Issues

What sets the Madison County Community Foundation apart from other funding agencies is its ability to tackle the county’s most pressing issues through strategic funding, like that provided to the Madison County Literacy Coalition. A long-time funder, the Community Foundation invests significant resources to ensure children and adults in Madison County have access to the tools they need to learn how to read. And with a high childhood illiteracy rate in the county, our future depends on organizations such as the Literacy Coalition’s success.

“ We’re in the business of second chances, and I’ve seen everything from 17-year-old high school drop-outs to 78-year-olds learn to read,” said Ginger Mills, The Madison County Literacy Coalition’s Executive Director. “And The Madison County Community Foundation is with us every step of the way. Without their support, I don’t think we’d be able to stay open.”

Each of Madison County Community Foundation’s funding cycles is decided by a volunteer panel of community members through a competitive grants process, ensuring community needs are met. With a full-time program director, the Community Foundation makes sure nonprofits have the support and guidance they need throughout the life of the grant.

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Harold J. Anderson - A catalyst for giving

In 1998, Madison County natives Harold J. and Hilda L. Anderson donated $1 million to the Foundation’s unrestricted fund. Although this remains the largest single gift in the history of our organization, the generous amount is only part of the story.

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