Tiger Readers - Alexandria Community School Corporation

Your generosity builds confidence and inspires positive lifelong skills in children that will impact the community for years to come.  

“What do you think about bringing the Tiger Reading program back?”

This question was presented to Leigh Bivens, an English Teacher and cheer coach at Alexandria-Monroe High School in 2022. Marty Caroll, Alexandria-Monroe’s basketball coach remembered the Tiger Reader program from the 1990’s that was established by Coach Garth Cone and got the idea that he and Bivens could establish the program again together. The program had been discontinued for over 20 years due to funding.  

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James Robert & Phyllis Louise John Memorial Scholarship

Loranda Trissel-Planalp and her family were surprised to learn that a fund that her great uncle opened as a legacy gift at the Madison County Community Foundation has nearly doubled in size and grown to nearly one million dollars since it was opened in 2006. The family assumed that the funds had already been distributed. What they did not realize is that when James “Bob” John and his wife, Phyllis, set up the fund, their goal was for it to make a significant impact in the lives of as many students as possible for years to come. They expressed to Madison County Community Foundation that they wanted to allow the fund to grow until it would be able to sustain itself and provide scholarship money for students whose families may struggle to send them to college.

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The Village Anderson, RISE Academy


Your generosity funds dreams that change lives and families.

A group of seventeen young men sat in a room when their leader, Louis Jackson III, presented an idea that ultimately would help them overcome adversity and bring dreams to fruition. These young men are part of a group mentoring program in Madison County, Indiana called RISE Academy through an organization called The Village – Anderson. The young men had been gathering together for several months. The volunteer mentors had done their best to facilitate the young men learning together and coming together as a unit. Unfortunately, the older and younger boys were struggling to gel, resulting in behavioral challenges.

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