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Working together,
WE can positively
affect our community.

The Madison County Community Foundation was formed on the belief that individuals working together are a powerful agent for change. Our goal is simple – to enhance the quality of life for every citizen of Madison County by fostering county-wide philanthropy. Together WE can achieve that goal.




We FUND the Most Pressing Issues

What sets the Madison County Community Foundation apart from other funding agencies is its ability to tackle the county’s most pressing issues through strategic funding, like that provided to the Madison County Literacy Coalition.

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Foundation News

Why Grant Madness?

"Why Grant Madness? If you're supposed to be supporting non-profits, why are you pitting them against each other?"

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Season of Celebration!

More than $79,000 was distributed through the Madison County Community Foundation's 2014 Fall Grant Cycle to non-profit organizations from around the county to support programs and projects in education, health and human services, economic development, arts and culture, and civic affairs. 

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