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The Madison County Community Foundation was formed on the belief that individuals working together are a powerful agent for change. Our goal is simple – to enhance the quality of life for every citizen of Madison County by fostering county-wide philanthropy. Together WE can achieve that goal.




Roettger achieves her dream of preparing future teachers

Eulala Roettger had toyed with the idea of creating a scholarship to prepare Madison County’s brightest students for careers in education.  Two obstacles stood in her way.  “First, I didn’t know how to set up a scholarship; and second, I didn’t have the kind of money I thought was necessary.”  A meeting with the Madison County Community Foundation erased those obstacles.

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Anderson Rotary Club Selects 2015 Grant Recipients

The Anderson Rotary Club selected 8 organizations through their annual grant cycle to receive a total of $6,300 in grant funds as part of their mission to promote "service above self". 

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Why Grant Madness?

"Why Grant Madness? If you're supposed to be supporting non-profits, why are you pitting them against each other?"

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