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The Madison County Community Foundation was formed on the belief that individuals working together are a powerful agent for change. Our goal is simple – to enhance the quality of life for every citizen of Madison County by fostering county-wide philanthropy. Together WE can achieve that goal.




Dickmann Challenge Led Rotary Members to Build Endowment

A few years ago, Charles Dickmann made an offer that his fellow Rotarians couldn’t refuse. He pledged to match, dollar for dollar, gifts of $1,000 to create the Anderson Rotary Club Endowment within the Madison County Community Foundation.

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Foundation News

Season of Celebration!

More than $79,000 was distributed through the Madison County Community Foundation's 2014 Fall Grant Cycle to non-profit organizations from around the county to support programs and projects in education, health and human services, economic development, arts and culture, and civic affairs. 

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Learn from a Winner

Applying for scholarships and making the transition from high school to college can be tricky. Here is some helpful advice to make it easier.


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