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The Madison County Community Foundation was formed on the belief that individuals working together are a powerful agent for change. Our goal is simple – to enhance the quality of life for every citizen of Madison County by fostering county-wide philanthropy. Together WE can achieve that goal.




Connecting Educational Initiatives

The future success of Madison County rests solidly at the feet of its children. As a community, we want these children to be educated, well-adjusted and thoughtful individuals, and a group of dedicated community leaders and educators are committed to helping them get there.

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Learn from a Winner

Applying for scholarships and making the transition from high school to college can be tricky. Here is some helpful advice to make it easier.


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Women In Philanthropy: 10th Annual Fall Luncheon

Women In Philanthropy is hosting their 10th annual Fall Luncheon at the Anderson County Club, November 7th. The event's theme this year is "Fall Into Philanthropy" and will feature a highly distinguished philanthropist from the state of Indiana. 

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