Harold J. Anderson - A catalyst for giving

In 1998, Madison County natives Harold J. and Hilda L. Anderson donated $1 million to the Foundation’s unrestricted fund. Although this remains the largest single gift in the history of our organization, the generous amount is only part of the story. As a former history teacher, coach, attorney and volunteer, Harold was well known and well respected throughout the community. His belief in the very young Madison County Community Foundation—only 6 years old at the time of the gift—heightened its visibility and enhanced its credibility. Potential donors took notice, and many followed suit.

The fact that the Andersons put no restrictions on their gift sent the message that they trusted future Foundation leaders to determine future community needs. Today, as our county changes to take advantage of new opportunities, we see the wisdom of the Andersons’ decision. In many ways, their gift served as a catalyst; in many ways it endures as a model. For that, we are grateful.

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We FUND the Most Pressing Issues

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