Grant FAQs

Below are some questions we would encourage you to think about as you consider what program and/or project for which you are requesting funding.

  • Is the need being met a chronic or crisis need? (1 time vs. on-going)
  • If the need is chronic, does the program/project work to address the root of the chronic need, or are other services in place to do so?
  • Does this program/project empower those being served?
  • Will this program build sustainability?
  • Increasing membership, networking and communication, financial resources, human capital, etc.
  • Does this program/project build collaboration?
  • Are there representatives from businesses, community members, clients, non-profit peers involved in its direction and success?
  • Are other similar programs/projects already happening the community?
  • How will this project partner/share best practice/evaluate needs with existing programming?