Neighborhood Connections - South Meridian Church of God

Your generosity plants gardens, develops skills, and revitalizes neighborhoods.

The people of South Meridian Church of God have made a conscious decision to actively be a conduit for relationships and support in the Avondale neighborhood in the heart of Anderson. Led by Cherilyn Horning, the Community Development Director, South Meridian seeks to embody the principles of asset-based community development, engaging neighbors to identify their dreams and talents. "We ask what they want to do and what their interests and gifts are," Cherilyn explains, emphasizing the foundation of their approach.

One of the most recent projects is the Community Garden. This garden has become a hub of activity, involving seven households participating so far in the project. They will decide together how to utilize the vegetation as it continues to grow. The garden has also become a classroom where children have discovered the joy of planting, nurturing, and witnessing growth firsthand. When asked for thoughts about the garden project, a 10-year child exclaimed, "The garden was great. So many plants!” Another child responded, “My favorite part was shoveling the dirt! The squash are starting to grow.”

“The enthusiasm and energy that they brought to it was just awesome," Cherilyn reflects.

A Community Impact Grant from the Madison County Community Foundation provided funds for the community garden.

garden 7Collaboration is vital for the ongoing work of South Meridian in the Avondale neighborhood. For the community garden project, South Meridian partnered with an engineering class at Anderson University. The class was tasked with a project that brings together engineering and service. The students worked together to provide South Meridian with a complete plan for the garden, including recommendations for the proper soil, watering systems, lighting, and 4

"The long-term impact of community in that neighborhood will come through relationships," Cherilyn emphasizes. Whether through cookouts, neighborhood cooking initiatives, or the mobile pantry developed in collaboration with Second Harvest Food Bank, South Meridian is nurturing a culture of mutual support and belonging in their neighborhood. 

Contributions to the Madison County Community Foundation, especially to the Impact Madison Fund, have amplified the efforts of South Meridian.

Every gift, large and small, contributes to the mission of Madison County Community Foundation to increase the quality of life for the citizens of Madison County. Consider giving to the Impact Madison Fund to help us continue to meet emerging local needs. All donations to this fund will be tripled. Your generosity truly does plant gardens, develop skills, and revitalize neighborhoods—one community at a time.

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