Foundation History

In 1990, Lilly Endowment announced a major philanthropic program for Indiana- the G.I.F.T. Initiative- Giving Indiana Funds for Tomorrow.  The initiative was launched to assist Hoosier communities in establishing and strengthening community foundations.

The Madison County Community Foundation was incorporated and designated a nonprofit public charity in 1992 as a direct result of the Lilly Endowment program.  Upon its formation, the Lilly Endowment offered the Madison County Community Foundation a $500,000 challenge grant- whereby Lilly Endowment would match every $2 raised in endowed funds with $1.

Lilly's G.I.F.T. Initiative has brought philanthropy in Indiana to a new level; offering communities throughout the state the incentive to develop a mechanism by which local citizens can pool funds in perpetuity for the betterment of their own communities.

Beginning with this initial challenge gift, Madison County Community Foundation today is a stable, trustworthy and permanent partner in efforts to sustain and improve our community. With assets at $18 million and growing, the Foundation annually returns hundreds of thousands of dollars to Madison County in the form of grants and scholarships. Our mission remains constant: to enhance the quality of life of the citizens of Madison County by attracting charitable gifts, making philanthropic grants, providing responsible financial stewardship and community leadership.

The Madison County Community Foundation has been awarded a Certificate of Standards Compliance for Ethical and Operational Standards by the National Council on Foundations.  The compliance review  encompasses 26 standards for best practice including structure, governance, resource development, stewardship, accountability, donor relations, grant making, and community leadership.  "The Madison County Community Foundation’s standard of ethical behavior assures donors, volunteers, and clients that their best interests are being served”, said Executive Director Sally DeVoe, “the certification process is rigorous and highly detailed, as it should be, since it represents excellence in all aspects of Community Foundation work.”





The Madison County Community Foundation awarded 18 grants to local not-for-profits in the fall of 2015. These grants went to better our community by feeding our hungry, supporting the arts and finding innovative solutions to problems we all face....

And by inspiring imagination in the minds of our youth!

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