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Donor Tools

The Madison County Community Foundation's mission isto serve thephilanthropic aims of donors wishing toimprove and preserveMadison Countynow and in the future. Most of the contributions made to the Foundation are endowed to support non-profit programs and services. Awards and gifts are madefrom income created by investing the principal of these endowed funds.
In this way, the Foundation assures donors that their contributions are a permanent legacy in the community. Pooled with the contributions of thousands of other donors, each gift plays a lasting role in the improvement of our county.
Regardless of the size or form of a gift to the Madison County Community Foundation, it is appreciated by the thousands ofcommunity membersliving here who benefit from grants and scholarships distributed by the Foundation.

The Benefits of Giving

Flexibility:You, yourfamily or organizationmay create a fund tailored to your interests.

Simplicity: You mayconveniently manage all your charitable giving through the Foundation.

Tax Benefits: As a public charity, the Community Foundation offers the highest level of benefits for charitable giving.

Community Impact: The Foundation can help connect donors with projects that have a positive impact in the community.

Permanence:In the eventa donor-advised agency closes, theFoundationBoard canredirect the funds to the most closely related use assuring donors that their original intent will be honored despite changing circumstances.

Cost Effectiveness: The Foundation manages 83 component funds investing the individual gifts and bequests as a family of funds thereby achieving significant economies of scale in both investment and administration.

Security: An independent audit is performed annually for the Community Foundation, and the volunteer thirteen-member Board of Directors of community leaders sets policy, monitors investments and approves all grants.



Connecting Educational Initiatives

The future success of Madison County rests solidly at the feet of its children. As a community, we want these children to be educated, well-adjusted and thoughtful individuals, and a group of dedicated community leaders and educators are committed to helping them get there.

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