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Types of Funds

The Madison County Community Foundaton is comprised of six different types of funds:

Unrestricted Funds - given by donors to provide flexibility to the Foundation for addressing the community's most pressing needs

Field of Interest Funds - directed to a particular broad field such as the arts, children's services, etc.

Designated Funds - created by individuals for specific charity or by an organization itself. These funds then provide an ongoing source of income for the designated organization.

Donor-Advised Funds - make it possible for donor to actively participate in grant making by recommending the charitable organization(s) to receive support.

Scholarship Funds - used to support education at any level, from preschool to graduate school. The awards can also be directed to a particular field of study or a particular institution.

Special Project Funds - non-permanent funds held by the Foundation for a variety of community projects

To see a  complete list of existing funds for each type, click on the name of the Fund type above.



Stephensons' endowment gifts provide perpetual care

Steve and Maggie Stephenson partnered with the Madison County Community Foundation to establish a plan for perpetual maintenance of places of special importance. 

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