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Thinking about applying for a grant?


Below are some questions we would encourage you to think about as you consider what program and/or project for which you are requesting funding


 - Is the need being met a chronic or crisis need? (1 time vs. on-going)

 - If the need is chronic, does the program/project work to address the root of the chronic need, or are other services in place to do so?

 - Does this program/project empower those being served? 

 - Will this program build sustainability?

 - Increasing membership, networking and communication, financial resources, human capital, etc.

 - Does this program/project build collaboration?

 - Are there representatives from businesses, community members, clients, non-profit peers involved in its direction and success?

 - Are other similar programs/projects already happening the community? How will this project partner/share best practice/evaluate needs with existing programming?





The Madison County Community Foundation awarded 18 grants to local not-for-profits in the fall of 2015. These grants went to better our community by feeding our hungry, supporting the arts and finding innovative solutions to problems we all face....

And by inspiring imagination in the minds of our youth!

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