Connecting Educational Initiatives

The future success of Madison County rests solidly at the feet of its children. As a community, we want these children to be educated, well-adjusted and thoughtful individuals, and a group of dedicated community leaders and educators are committed to helping them get there.

“We can’t expect the school systems to go it alone,” said Mark Finger, the Director of the Madison County Education Coalition, supported by the Madison County Community Foundation. “The schools, parents and students all need the support and guidance of the community. There’s a reason that adage about it taking a village to raise a child rings so true.” 

The Madison County Education Coalition First convened in September 2010, and has already made great strides in accomplishing its goal to ensure each student in Madison County has access to quality educational opportunities.

One of the steering committee members, Dr. Bill VanNess, Indiana's State Health Commissioner, feels education must be first and foremost in a community’s mind as they consider economic development and future sustainability.

“To have a strong, successful community, I firmly believe that the base has to be built around education,” said Dr. VanNess. “I am confident that the future success of our city, county and nation will be built around knowledge. The Madison County Education Coalition is an important part of that base, and I am proud to be a part of it.”
Determined to be a coalition that “does” rather than discusses, the coalition is divided into sub-categories:

• Early Childhood Literacy       
• College and Workplace Preparedness  
• Parenting

Among the strategic goals the Coalition has taken on are recruiting resources, both financial and human, to promote educational initiatives, measuring educational progress in the community against goals and reporting regularly to the community via diverse means and drive a strong partnership between economic development and education initiatives.  To make a contribution that supports educational attainment in Madison County, click here.

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